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About Studio Nergens


Studio Nergens (translated: Studio Nowhere) creates transdisciplinary performances at the intersection of music theater, visual art, and immersive media.

We craft sensory experiences that invite the audience to turn their gaze inward. This journey inward takes them to a place where personal associations arise in response to universal philosophical questions.

In our work, the audience takes center stage. They stand in the midst of it, immersed in scenes, or walk through it as the protagonist. Touching music and creative technology are our primary allies in this endeavor.

Our performances are showcased in various renowned venues, ranging from (music) theater and film festivals to concert halls and museums, both domestically and internationally.

Studio Nergens was founded by director Celine Daemen. In 2018 she graduated from the Directing program at the Insitute of Performig Arts in Maastricht. From 2021 to 2023 she delved deeper into her unique signature under the New Makers scheme, supported by the Performing Arts Fund, through opera company Silbersee. Art director and tech dramaturg Aron Fels has been involved since the beginning. Merle Scheske joined as the business manager since late 2023. Collaborations with composers, writers, 3D artists, programmers, and supporting professionals are project-based but often continuous and sustainable.

Over the past few years, the studio has garnered significant national and international attention with virtual reality operas, where visitors, wearing VR headsets, explore immersive musical scenes by walking. We have won several prestigious international awards.

For "Songs for a Passerby," we received the Venice Immersive Grand Prize for the best immersive experience at the Venice Biennale in 2023. Our VR opera "Eurydice" previously received the Reflet D'Or for the best immersive experience at GIFF in Geneva in 2022.


Studio Nergens

Rietlandpark 379

1019 EM Amsterdam



Studio Nergens adheres to the CAO Toneel en Dans, the 'Governance Code Cultuur' and the 'Code Cultural Diversity'.

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