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Season 2022-2023

Eurydice - a descent into infinity

In production

A Virtual Reality opera, in which you follow Eurydice down an endless maze into the void. A hypnotic journey to an in-between space, between dust and eternity, where time fades and the laws of space become obsolete.  

PR beeld Celine_staand_Bowie Verschuuren.jpg

Season 2021-2022


'Nowhere' is a research project that Celine Daemen developed in the context of Muzieklab of Intro in Situ and VIA ZUID and Chronosphere lab of De Effenaar Smart Vennue. 

Kopie van Still Nergens_001_0000.png

Season 2020-2021

Monologues for Nothing 

Monologues for Nothing is a project for young people (14 - 21 years old), who feel the walls are coming towards them as a result of the lockdown. With VR glasses, the participants enter a virtual world. In a magical flight, they soar above locations in their own city and then end up in the clouds. Messages from other participants are stored here and they can also leave a 'cloud message' themselves. With this, the project offers an escape from loneliness and boredom in the corona time.

Monologues for Nothing - Celine Daemen

Season 2019-2020

De Opera van de Vallende Mens (The Opera of the Falling)

‘De Opera van de Vallende Mens’ is a musical and visual research on the loneliness of sorrow. It’s a VirtualReality-Opera, inspired by interviews with people with a psychological vulnerability. With psychiatry as a mirror to the world we live in, the experience calls for reflection and universal recognition.

Opera van de vallende Mens -Celine Daemen
Sneeuwen 9+ (Snowing)

'Sneeuwen' is a mysterious and magical play about a girl who has run away from home in search of something. Of what? She doesn't know.


She ends up in a vast snowy landscape and gets lost. There she reflects on her existence and meets an equally lonely fox. With a serious and universal basis, but naive poetry, director Celine Daemen, actress Marit Hooijschuur and composer Marc Mâhfoud tell the story of a restless young girl who learns to embrace silence. 

'Sneeuwen' was part of Winterzone, a co-production of the Laagland and VIAZUID. 

Sneeuwen - Celine Daemen

Season 2018-2019


Inside  is an immersive one-person video installation about fear and loneliness. Video images, music and sound take you along in a 360 degree experience. An associative and emotional experience that can only be understood by heart. Inside  was one of Celine's graduation works at the Academy of Perfomative Arts Maastricht.

Inside - Celine Daemen
Nooit van Elkaar - Celine Daemen
Nooit van Elkaar (And we'll never be parted)

A woman is waiting for her husband. In her room, among her things, she waits for him to come. In a game of intertwined realities, she exposes her deepest desires and fears.  


Celine Daemen, with the text by Norwegian Nobel Prize winner Jon Fosse, sketches the portrait of a lonely woman, who is armed with her imagination.

Season 2017-2018

De vrouw die oneindig wilde zijn
(The woman who wanted to be infinite)

'De vrouw die oneindig wilde zijn' is an experimental short film by Celine Daemen and Sanne Smits about fear of the end and saying goodbye, situated in the transitional phase between life and death.

'De vrouw die oneindig wilde zijn' won second prize at Bilbao International Film Festival in 2018.  Woman Cinemakers published in September 2018   an article about the short film:

De vrouw die oneindig wilde zijn - Celine Daemen

In the context of the 'practice house' of the Toneelacademie Maastricht, Celine directs Eindspel  by absurdist Samuel Beckett under the guidance of Liesbeth Coltof.

The blind Hamm, his servant Clov, his father Nagg and his mother Nell sit in a hole where nothing is green anymore. They talk and look outside. Not much seems to be happening outside. It's a day like any other, but within is longing and hope.

Eindspel - Celine Daemen
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