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Songs for a Passerby

A Virtual Reality opera about our tenuous relationship with the transitory nature of reality

How does one relate to a world of things that are passing? Are we a part of it? Or are we just looking at it? And what about the body – is it something that we are or that we have?


Season 2023-2024


Season 2022-2023

Eurydice - a descent into infinity

A Virtual Reality opera, in which you follow Eurydice down an endless maze into the void. A hypnotic journey to an in-between space, between dust and eternity, where time fades and the laws of space become obsolete.  

PR beeld Celine_staand_Bowie Verschuuren.jpg

Season 2021-2022


'Nowhere' is a research project that Celine Daemen developed in the context of Muzieklab of Intro in Situ and VIA ZUID and Chronosphere lab of De Effenaar Smart Vennue. 

Kopie van Still Nergens_001_0000.png

Season 2020-2021

Monologues for Nothing 

Monologues for Nothing is a project for young people (14 - 21 years old), who feel the walls are coming towards them as a result of the lockdown. With VR glasses, the participants enter a virtual world. In a magical flight, they soar above locations in their own city and then end up in the clouds. Messages from other participants are stored here and they can also leave a 'cloud message' themselves. With this, the project offers an escape from loneliness and boredom in the corona time.

Monologues for Nothing - Celine Daemen

Season 2019-2020

De Opera van de Vallende Mens (The Opera of the Falling)

‘De Opera van de Vallende Mens’ is a musical and visual research on the loneliness of sorrow. It’s a VirtualReality-Opera, inspired by interviews with people with a psychological vulnerability. With psychiatry as a mirror to the world we live in, the experience calls for reflection and universal recognition.

Opera van de vallende Mens -Celine Daemen
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